BAHAWALPUR-Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Sirajul Haq fired broadside at the PML-N government over its failure to solve the national issues and fulfill the promises it made during the last general elections especially the restoration of Bahawalpur province.

“Pakistan is facing big challenges and critical situation on its borders. India will be defeated in Kashmir by the Kashmiris. The number of Kashmiri martyrs has reached more than 200,000. It is the duty of government of Pakistan to raise the voice of Kashmir on international forums,” he said while talking to the media after condoling the death of the mother of JI former Punjab Ameer Syed Waseem Akhtar.

He added, “Thousands of people live on footpaths. Millions of children do not go to schools. Clean drinking water is not available for 35 percent citizens of Pakistan. The rich have become richer while the poor become the poorest in the present government. The claim of finishing loadshedding in 2018 will not be fulfilled. The problems of farmers and common man have not been solved.”

He noted, “Unfair division of resources created more deprivation in the backward areas like Bahawalpur, Balochistan and interior Sindh. The restoration of Bahawalpur province is the moral and constitutional right of the people of Bahawalpur.”

He maintained that his party would establish new cities to reduce the burden on the big cities. It will announce Guzara Allowance to elderly and unemployed persons and will provide clean drinking water for the citizens across Pakistan after coming to power. He said, “The Turkish president clearly told us the solution to our all the problems lies in acting upon Islamic principles. Turkish President was the guest of the whole nation and Pakistan but Nawaz Sharif made him as his family guest only. The representatives of Pakistan want to meet him but government kept away him on the name of protocol.”

He said the PML-N rulers do not name Indian Prime Minister Modi because they have relations with him. The propaganda regarding terrorism against Islam is being carried out by the West, he added. He said that his party took out a march against corruptions and when “we get assured that the government is not willing to eliminate corruptions, we will go to the courts. We have trust in the judiciary and hope that the court will provide justice”.

He said, “We also visited the Saudi Arabia and Qatar but both the countries never offered us any steel mills or other gifts. Only Nawaz and Musharraf are the only Pakistani who received gifts from the countries.”

He also said that the demand of the restoration of Bahawalpur province is according to the law. When PML-N was out of government, the restoration demand was right and now when the PML-N is in government, how can the demand be wrong,” he questioned.

The PML-N hoodwinked the people of Bahawalpur in the name of restoration of province. The issue was raised by the PML-N only for getting the votes from the area, he said and added the Cholistanis are also deprived of their rights since the creation of Pakistan.