KARACHI: Pakistani streets will now be cleaned with the help of the Chinese through their modern technological support. A heavy machinery including dumpsters and electrical sweeping machine will be transported to Karachi from a Chinese Port.

The names of the cities are written on the trucks with a slogan "Let's join hands for a clean and healthy Sindh".

It is also confirmed by Jam Khan Shoro, the Local Bodies Minister of Sindh, that the machinery will soon be received in Karachi.

Initially, district South and East will be focused upon. The representatives of the Chinese company will go door to door to collect trash, free of cost, he told.

The next step will target the city where 200 Chinese will be working in the town to maintain the cleanliness. Local workers will also lend a hand in this cause.

Workers will be working hard to clean the city, according to Solid Waste Management MD. 

Moreover, a contract has also been signed between Sindh Solid Waste Management and a Chinese company to make the city clean and healthy.