LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Bar Association through a resolution Monday warned the government of a strong movement if it attempted an assault on the judiciary or took any unconstitutional step against its independence. The Bars General House carrying a resolution moved by its Secretary, Babar Murtaza Khan, reminded the government of the lawyers movement against former President Pervez Musharraf, and said any unconstitutional and illegal action against judiciary this time would be resisted tooth and nail by way of launching a movement against the government. We are up against those who regard themselves above the law and the Constitution, and they are not sincere to the nation, said Bar President Mian Abdul Qaddus while addressing the House. He called upon the lawyers to rise up as saviour of the country. He said that people had become aware to the level of raising voice against the ill-doings of the rulers as such lawyers with the support of the masses, would continue their efforts for the rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution as well as to ensure justice to the common man. He also resented corruption in judiciary as unacceptable to the legal fraternity. Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association Raja Zulqarnain, Babar Murtaza, Finance Secretary, LHCBA, Raja Sajid Hanif, Muhammad Anwar Ghumman, Rana Ahmad Saeed, Allah Buksh Gondal, Malik Saeed Hassan and Rana Ziaur Rahman, also spoke to the House and blamed the government for making efforts to render cipher the lawyers movement for restoration of judges and its effects. They vowed to forcefully stand against the ill intentions of the rulers against the judiciary adding, the government was targeting the judiciary at a time when important cases like implementation of NRO decision, rampant corruption in public departments, appointment of favourites to key posts, and corruption in rental power plants were before the Supreme Court. The speakers also turned down the government claim that it was answerable to Allah Almighty and the people and said the government would have never allowed killing of people in Afghanistan and in Pakistan through the US drone attacks, operation and killing of Pakistanis through the Blackwater etc had it been true to its claim. They pledged to stand by the judiciary under all circumstances. The House also offered fateha for the father of Shafqat Mahmood Chauhan, and for the spouse of advocate Aslam Nagi, who was killed in broad daylight by unknown persons. The House also demanded of the Punjab government to apprehend the killers.