LAHORE-Anti-state militants linked to Ilyas Kashmiri group are providing training to European nationals especially some Germans to carry out suicide bombings in Pakistan in future, it was reliably learnt here on Monday. According to the confidential report of the National Crisis Management Cell sent to the top civil and security establishment, a German national has been sent to carry out suicide attack in the country after he completed his training from the Kashmiri group. The report came to light weeks after the authorities claimed that eight German nationals were killed in a US drone strike in the volatile region of North Waziristan. 'Reportedly, a German national namely Saverlad Hayrettin alias Usman has been trained for suicidal mission in Pakistan. He is a young man of middle height, having black hair and eyes and wears an earring in his right ear. The suicidal mission is likely to be executed in near future, said the NCMC report forwarded to the top security and civil administration. The sources in the Interior Ministry further revealed that the report had been forwarded to the Chief Secretaries, Home Secretaries and Inspector General of Police (IGPs) of all the provinces, DG Rangers Punjab and DG Rangers Sindh, Inspector General of FC Khyber PK and Balochistan province. Sources in the security agencies believed that this is a new trend in which the foreign sponsored terrorists are using purelyEuropean nationals and Germans carry out suicidal missions in the sensitive and heavily guarded areas. International players in Afghanistan are hatching conspiracies and making efforts to purchase such elements to carry out sabotage activities including suicide bombings, target killings of innocent people especially the teachers, intellectual, scholars and experts in the country. Security experts say that the reality in the Tribal Areas is that under the cover of the Taliban, there are trained agents of India and Afghanistan, fighting the Pak Army. 'Despite all this, Pakistans Armed Forces have broken the backbone of the insurgents in Buner, Swat, Malakand, South Waziristan and other tribal regions, an observer said. Infact, if Pak Army had not been sent to these areas the situation would have been much worse, he added. 'It is due to the indirect backing of the foreign powers that the true agenda of these militants is revealed which is neither peace nor implementing Islamic law but to destabilise Pakistan, he added. The sources believe that some militants funded by anti-Pakistan powers sneaked into the country from European states in the past few months, got training from the Indian agents in the troubled region bordering Pakistan-Afghanistan in Balochistan province to carry out the deadly attacks.