ISLAMABAD Ministry of Interior, perhaps for the first time, has submitted in written before the NA body that the presence of Blackwater, a US private security contractor, had not been reported in Pakistan amid fears of parliamentarians who were dissatisfied with this answer. Additional Secretary of the Ministry Asif Nawaz Warriach disclosed this while giving briefing to the National Assemblys Standing Committee on Interior here on Monday. Earlier the Committee had asked the Interior Ministry to give its final standpoint on the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan. The parliamentarians present in the meeting were not ready to digest the answer of the Ministry as MNA Bushra Gohar inquired the Additional Secretary whether he was sure. This is what I was given, Asif Nawaz replied. Prior to this, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has verbally denied the presence of the foreign security company in Pakistan a lot of times. MNA Bashir Virk was of the view that whether Blackwater worked under the proxy name Xe Worldwide or any other but its activities in Pakistan could not be denied. Does Blackwater work without any legal cover if Ministry denies its presence, he added. He was not ready to accept that there was no Blackwater in Pakistan. Another parliamentarian, Bilal Yasin was of the view that if Blackwater was not there in Pakistan then who were those persons who travelled in tainted glassed vehicles that were not being checked at police posts? He also said that the number of residences of foreigners has increased manifold during the recent years and the matter should be probed. State Minister of Interior Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi also endorsed the viewpoint of his Ministry saying that they had no information about Blackwater. He also said that security as well as intelligence agencies had given them no clue about Blackwater. He criticised the media saying that it was trying to the convert the non-existence of the security company into its existence. He also informed that the persons not being checked at police posts were diplomats and had their own SOPs about security. Bushra Gohar termed Blackwater as 'Unidentified Foreign Objects saying there should be some agreement of the government with them if foreigners did not believe in their security system. She was of the view that foreign security firm was present in Pakistan for security of US personnel. She also disclosed that US embassy had warned her through one of her party members, barring her from speaking on the issue at a time after she spoke on the issue on a private TV channel. Chairman of the Committee Abdul Qadir Patel observed that the interior ministry should disclose those foreigners who were providing security to US diplomats in Pakistan as well as the agreement if any existed. The Committee also expressed serious concern over import of scanners containing non-intrusive vehicle X-ray Inspection System (NVIS) from China. The Committee discussed the scam of issuance of fake prohibited bores (Pb) licenses by the Interior Ministry. Interior Ministry was also directed to produce a complete list of MNAs on whose name prohibited bores (Pb) licenses were issues. MNA Bilal Yasin had raised the question that the Ministry had issued fake Pb licenses on the quotas of many MNAs that were never recommended by these parliamentarians. The Committee recommended that Interior Ministry while taking on board NADRA and NARA (National Aliens Registration Authority), make some necessary amendments in the existing by-laws to register illegal aliens including Bangladeshis and Burmese. The Committee also showed its concerns for the absence of DG Rangers, Sindh in its meeting who was supposed to give a briefing on the work and performance of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh).