KARACHI Chief of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain said only peace loving people would be allowed to live in Karachi. He maintained if there were any terrorist elements in the city, they would not be spared to live there, adding that MQM would bring revolution through peaceful struggle. Addressing a meeting at MQMs head Office 90, Altaf Hussain termed the victory in PS-94 elections (Orangi Town) as beginning of the revolution. He said the activists of MQM had no interest to form government as they only wanted to continue peaceful struggle for the betterment of the country. Despite the contravention of promises on the part of Government, MQM would continue to support the Government as it believed in ballot and not bullet. He suggested to the Government that it should fulfil its promises otherwise MQM would be free to decide its future course of action. He said that MQM was a peaceful political party and it not only wanted to continue its struggle against feudalism peacefully but also wanted peace across the country, He said despite the venomous propaganda of opposing forces, MQM had become more powerful.