LAHORE - A novel bombing spree appears to have been rocking Punjab Capital time and again while the police claims in this regard turned out to be fake as another Improvised Explosive Device (IED), planted in a garbage container, near the Pakistan Muslim League House, went off on Monday during rush hours, triggering panic in the City. Police sources termed the incident as a terrorist act aimed at creating panic and terror in the City, revealing that neither ball bearing nor other metal pieces such as nuts and blots were used in the homemade bomb. We see some local phenomena can be behind such attacks, a senior police officer said adding, that the terrorists had also exploded a similar device near a five-star hotel at the Mall, a couple of days ago to create panic in the locality. Heavy police contingents and bomb disposal squad officials rushed to the scene soon after the blast and collected material to examine the nature of the blast and its intensity. Sources in the Crimes Investigations Agency (CIA) police revealed that it could be the handiwork of one serial bomber or a group of serial bombers that had been successfully carrying out such attacks for the last two years, particularly targeting juice vending points for teenagers, besides shrines, police stations, trade centres popular for CD business, cultural locations and entertainment spots. Such type of serial bombers have successfully targeted no less than 60 such sites in the City during the last two years and the police appear to have badly failed to trace their whereabouts, sources added. The series of such types of bomb attacks started from Garhi Shahu area in October 2007 when the terrorists exploded homemade time devices at Juice shops and Internet cafTs in the thickly populated localities. There could be one serial bomber or a group of desperate persons who are carrying out such similar attacks by using same modus operandi, ex-CIA Police Chief Chaudhry Masood Aziz said, when contacted. The serial bombers are indeed sadistic in nature and there seems to be no common motive for their crimes. The motivation behind such acts may be religious or even moral code, he commented. Interestingly, the serial bomber(s) had also sent written letters to the management of Internet CafT in Garhi Shahu, Hall Road traders, and organizers of international event World Performing Arts Festival, urging to stop what they believed immoral activities before exploding homemade time devices there in the past. It seemed that the culprits in such cases dont want to kill the people but desire to create maximum panic, investigators maintained. Sources also said the police had completely failed to trace the serial bombers, and time and again the top police officers claimed at the press conferences that they had nabbed the serial bomber notwithstanding that such incidents continued to occur. In early 1990s, the police had arrested a culprit later identified as Abdul Karim, who was associated with a defunct religious organization for his involvement in Sangeet Cinema blast in Rawalpindi and Moonlight Cinema Lahore. During interrogation, he had confessed to carrying out the low-intensity blasts with a view to stopping the youth from watching porno movies being played at these Cinemas. Later, he was killed in a police encounter. Ironically, either the police are not taking such blasts seriously or unable to nab the perpetrators despite the fact that they had successfully carried out no less than 60 such attacks across the City.