LAHORE - Besides practising the old habit of giving wrong answers, Punjab Assembly on Monday set a new tradition of extending the conventional time of Question Hour by half an hour. Though the chair can extend the proceedings and house can suspend rules, still making Question Hour to 'Question one and half an hour is quite unusual happening at the floor of the house. The assembly proceedings started with one hour 45 minutes delay and a number of point of orders further delayed starting of Question Hour. Break for maghrib prayer in the mid of Question Hour, split the proceedings in two parts, causing Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal to extend the time for about half an hour. Ill prepared and clueless Parliamentary Secretary for Forest, Wildlife and Fisheries Department Pir Ashraf Rasool failed to satisfy legislators from both sides of the political divide and on a number of occasions even the chair suggested that answers were irrelevant. The parliamentary secretary even contradicted his own given data, while replying to other questions. The hapless parliamentary secretary was continuously looking toward the gallery from where officers were regularly sending chits to brief him about the factual position and data. Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal rescued and defended the person on the receiving end on a number of occasions by suggesting legislators to bring fresh questions and at times by saying that answers were quite satisfactory. Responding to a supplementary question of Nighat Nasir Sheikh regarding purchase of animals for Lahore Zoo, the parliamentary secretary said that a proposal for increasing animals was under consideration. He, however, failed to throw light on the nature and status of that proposal. He said that fresh purchase would be made after renovation of Lahore Zoo. Again, he failed to give exact date of the completion of renovation of Lahore Zoo. Referring to the criterion for purchase of animals, he said that the government made advertisements in national dailies. Responding to a supplementary question of an opposition legislator, he admitted that 250-acre forestland in Bahawalpur was in the possession of Rangers. He said that the department has written a letter to Commissioner for getting the possession of said forestland. To another supplementary question, Pir Ashraf Rasool said that the government was awarding across the board punishment for illegal hunting of bird. On his failure to answer what was that punishment, even the speaker expressed displeasure. To another supplementary question, the parliamentary secretary said that the government was not planning to establish grazing areas in those districts where they did not exist. He said that there were no available funds to establish new grazing areas. He, however, gave an unusual suggestion by saying that the private parties interested in establishing grazing areas would be welcomed. To a supplementary question, he said that the department was executing the project of planting indigenous trees on one lakh acre forestland with the financial assistance of federal government. He said that the implementation on the project was slow due to delay in release of funds from the federal government. To a supplementary question of opposition legislator Sher Ali Khan, he refuted allegations of corruption in sale of wheat grown on fisheries ponds in Fateh Jhang. He said that the allegations were probed twice and the charges were proved false. He asked Sher Ali Khan to mention any officer for carrying out fresh inquiry. He said that money earned from the sale of wheat was deposited to the government. He, however, failed to give details about the amount earned from the sale of chaff.