ISLAMABAD - The energy shortfall at present is reported at 1800 megawatt, as the current total energy generation is 12524 MW against its demand of 14324 MW. Few days back the demand of electricity was more than 15500 MW. For some previous weeks, the energy demand has been ranging between 12000-13000 MW. The hydel power generation at present has little increased and it is stated at 6031 MW adding in the national grid that was below 5500 MW few days back. The Independent Power Producers are adding 4511 MW to the national grid. WAPDA thermal plants are providing 1920 megawatt these days. It is pertinent to mention here that the RPPs, supposed to add more than 750 MW to the national grid, are contributing just 62 MW. According to an official, this is a strange situation as the government has paid advance payments to many of the approved rental power plants. As per an official statement, the water inflow in the dams is decreasing now. Tarbels Dam that had attained its maximum water conservation level of 1550 feet would now coming down gradually. The present level of dam is 1545 feet. At present the outflow in the dam is 75000 cusecs against its inflow of 48100 cusecs. The Mangla Dams water level has come down to 1192 feet that earlier had attained the level of 1206 feet. Within a week or so, the level of dam has decreased by 5 feet as the outflow of water is more than inflow at the moment