ISLAMABAD The recent wave of target killings in port city of Karachi has dragged the ruling alliance between the two key coalition partners - PPP and MQM - towards its collapse as the MQM leadership was critical on the lethargic attitude of Sindh Chief Minister and his cronies in the cabinet towards handling the issue. Sources in the PPP informed TheNation that the partys central leadership was in a catch 22 position as the persons allegedly involved in the target killings in Karachi were one way or the other were linked to MQM and ANP, both the coalition partners of PPP. The Governor Sindh in a meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari late Sunday night had made it clear that MQM would quit the coalition both at centre and Sindh in case the PPP did not come out clear on its ties with them and come down hard on ANP which, according to him, was sponsoring terrorism and behind the target killings in the province. The sources further said that in the same fashion ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan a couple of days back had also held a detailed meeting with President Zardari and expressed the similar sentiments about MQM. The sources in the ruling coalition said that the visit of the Interior Minister to Karachi would have a little impact and finally the President or Prime Minister would have to tackle this issue as MQM is not comfortable with the PPPs provincial leadership and they wanted major changes in the PPP leaders dealing with the law and order situation in the province. The sources in PPP said that both ANP and MQM wanted unilateral action against one another in Karachi and it would not be possible for PPP to come up to the expectations of both their coalition partners, which are standing polls apart. The sources aware of the complex Karachi issue and unending target killings informed TheNation that PPP Sindh Chapter has soft corner for ANP and while dealing with this complex issue they slightly leaned toward it to the utter annoyance of their other powerful coalition partner MQM, which was losing its grip on the port city with every passing day. The sources further said that ANP had also demanded deployment of Army in the port city, the option strongly opposed by MQM. While the view of PPP was rather neutral in this connection and in case the situation goes worse, this option can be availed to bring normalcy to the business hub of the country.