LAKKI MARWAT At least 14 persons including women and children were injured when police thwarted a terror plan of a suicide bomber and destroyed his explosives laden pickup near Jabukhel, about 35 kilometres away from here, on Monday. However, the young bomber aboard the vehicle was killed in the explosion when the police opened fire at the pickup after the driver did not stop at the signal, an official source told the media. He said that police had made tight security arrangements and erected barriers on the roads leading to the adjacent tribal region after getting information that terrorists were planning to carry out sabotage activities in the district by using an explosive packed vehicle. On Monday morning, the source said, police cops of Ghaznikhel police station signalled a suspected pickup near Jabukhel. However, driver of the vehicle (16/17 years) did not stop. On this the cops opened fire at the vehicle. As a result it exploded with a big bang killing the driver on the spot while injuring 14 civilians including women and children. The explosion was so powerful that several mud-made houses, compound walls and shops in the nearby Kotka Bhaikhel Jabukhel village collapsed. The injured were later taken to Lakki City Hospital for treatment. A local police official said that the blown up pickup was packed with 1200 kilogram explosive material. He said that the investigators of the police department collected body parts of the suicide bomber and other material from the spot for investigation.