Silicon Valley

One of the stand-out features on Apple’s iPhone 6s is 3D Touch, which senses how hard a user presses on the screen to bring up action menus.

If you don’t have a spare £539, or $649 in the US, to buy the new phones though, a new app promises to add the feature to older models. However, installing the app does require ‘jailbreaking’ the device to allow it to be downloaded, and this will void any warranty you have on your current model.

The app is called ‘Forcy’ and works on jailbroken phones running iOS 9. The latest software is only available on the iPhone 4S and older. On the iPhone 6s, users can press down on app icon to bring up a menu of ‘Quick Actions’ and feel haptic feedback thanks to the pressure-sensitive screen.

While there is no way of making an older handset pressure-sensitive, because the technology is embedded beneath the screen of the new handset, users who have added Forcy can swipe upwards on an app to imitate 3D Touch’s functions. 

For example, swiping upwards on the Notes app brings up a mini-menu resembling that of Quick Actions, giving users an option to start a new note, new photo or new sketch.

Jeff Benjamin, who reviewed the app in a video for MyJailBreakMovies, said Forcy ‘works pretty well’ and ‘feels authentic,’ but noted that it has its limitations and haptic feedback ‘makes a big difference’on the real iPhone 6s. Forcy’s extra functionality comes at a cost, though. 

Users will need to ‘jailbreak’ their handset, which is not recommended. This involves tweaking settings in the iOS software to make the operating system more open.  This step will make an iPhone’s warranty null and void, meaning users will not be able to claim on the warranty if the phone develops a fault.