The District Health Department on Sunday sealed a blood testing lab over issuing fake blood examination report.

The action was taken over an application submitted to the DCO by a citizen. Applicant Tanveer Hussain Shah submitted that that his daughter Noor Fatima, 6, has been diagnosed with type-1 diabetes.

He said that Dr Khalid Hussain advised him for a three months average diabetes test HBA1C of the minor girl. At which Mr Hussain went to Bio-Tech blood testing lab situated on Hospital Road and brought the report to the doctor. However, Dr Khalid did not accept the report and told him to get the blood test conducted from a different lab. He went to another lab and got report totally different from the first report.

He brought the report to Dr Khalid who agreed with the report and termed the first report from Bio-Tech lab based on fake figures. The applicant approached the Bio-Tech lab management with the new report and demanded his money back but they refused.

Tanveer, however, approached the DCO who forward the application to EDO Health. The EDO health sent the matter to DDO Health Dr Zahid fro necessary.

DDO Dr Zahid sought opinion from Dr Khalid Hussain who in his wrote back that the Bio-Tech lab did conduct a fake test and issued a wrong report. Following the report, the DDO sealed the lab.