Lahore - During the first quarter of current fiscal year, cement exports recorded a massive decline by 27.23 percent compared with exports during the first quarter of last year. The overall situation during first quarter of current fiscal year showed 1.43 percent growth compared to the same period of last fiscal year.

Exports during September 15 were 467,000 Tons against 730,000 Tons during September, 14 showing decline of 36%. Total despatches during September, 15 were 2.95 Million Tons compared to 3.15 Million Tons during same month last year showing reduction of 6.34 percent. In exports the decline was almost in the same range both in North and South. Exports from North declined to 306,564 tons in September 2015 from 480,025 tons during the same month of last fiscal. Exports from South declined to a low level of 160,698 tons in September 2015 from 249,906 tons during the corresponding month of 2014.

The mills located in South suffered more than those operating in northern part of the country. In south, domestic cement despatches declined from 431,133 tons in September, 2014 to 399,581 tons in September, 2015. Domestic consumption in north however increased from 1.990 million tons in September, 2014 to 2.084 million tons in September, 2015.