Islamabad - The commercial activities like restaurants, art galleries, cafe and stalls of foods, crafts and other items are multiplying in the hub of tourists - Saidpur Village under the green Margallas due to its cultural glimpses.

Some years back, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) completed the remodelling of Saidpur into a tourist attraction by giving it the look and feel of a quaint village and preserving its artistic and rich cultural sites that the tourists termed as a remarkable effort to help revive the dying arts of the region and promote inter-civilization harmony. The efforts paid well to the capital city and the village turned into a hot spot for domestic and foreign tourists as the place has the footprints of various civilizations including Gandhara, Greek, Buddhists, Mughal, Ashoka and the colonial periods.

According to the visitors, the re-doing of a temple, the cleaning up of a stream running through the village and giving the mud houses a facelift reflects the traditional ambience and the history of Pothohar region that takes the visitors into that era and they can spend some peaceful time in understanding and enjoying the historical value of the village. The village is serving as one of the favourite picnic place in Islamabad for both local and foreign visitors. The village inclining on the slopes of Margalla Hills presents an attractive view in soft light of morning and evening, while a visit to Hindu temple and Gurdwara provides information about Hindu and Sikh culture, said a villager in the premises of the village.

The commercial business of restaurants have got sufficient response as those who used to come here for picnics, now mostly prefer to dine-in at the cafes and restaurant halls that also offer a touch of heritage and popular crafts.

“I have been going to Saidpur since it was first started as a tourist destination. A number of restaurants have now set up there while some of them are doing well and offering a one stop destination for food lovers to get taste of different cuisines at the most scenic places in Islamabad,” said an artist while talking to APP.

The restaurant and art gallery officials say that they have decorated their buildings in a cultural and artistic way as instead of giving them a complete contemporary look, they preferred to follow the footprints of heritage to maintain the identity of the cultural value of the village.