LAHORE - Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rashid on Sunday said that the PML-N leaders differences were of personal nature.

“No party leader or worker has expressed any difference of opinion over the party policy”, he said while talking to reporters at a ceremony organised by TV producers association here at a local hotel.

The minister said that two or three persons had differences pertaining to their personal lives which had nothing to do with the party leadership or the party.

He was asked to comment on the reported war of words going on among some of the Federal Ministers.

APP adds: Pervaiz Rashid said all the PML-N workers, including ministers, have full confidence in the party leadership and policies.He said PML-N was united on the government policies and party decisions as envisaged by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Responding to a query, Pervaiz Rashuid said any personal differences between two or three party workers at local level should not been seen as dissent within the party. The media, he added, should see such a petty matter in its true perspective.

He said the PML-N government preferred to serve the country than than popularity. The Prime Minister had taken many initiatives during two and a half years of his government which would usher in a new era of progress and prosperity in the country.

The minister said the country was faced with multiple challenges of energy crisis, law and order situation in Karachi, terrorism and economic problems after the 2013 general election. The PML-N government after coming to power under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif adopted policies and achieved enviable success on all fronts.

He said the people had to face 20-hour electricity load-shedding every day and even WAPDA offices were attacked by angry mobs in 2013.

Today, the load-shedding had been reduced to the minimum as the Prime Minister was inaugurating energy projects almost every day which would enhance the power production and reduce its rates.

Pervaiz Rashid said the government had achieved great success in the war against terror. Pakistan had traversed a great deal to make the world a safe haven and the world acknowledged its role in eradicating terrorism.

The minister said there were times when the people of Karachi could not celebrate Eids or 14th August. Today the law and order situation in the mega city had improved and the people and the business community had heaved a sigh of relief.

He said the situation had changed today and the Karachiites celebrated Eids and 14th August this year with a sense of security. The country's economy had achieved new highs according to the independent world economic forums with the highest foreign reserves and the lowest inflation rate in Pakistan's history, he added.

About the Prime Minister's visit to the United States, the Information Minister said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had always safeguarded the national interests at all world forums.

He would take up issues like regional peace and stability, and fight against terrorism, besides bilateral relations on economic and political fronts in his meeting with the US President Barack Obama.

"Pakistan and the US have cordial relationships and the US presence in the region makes these ties more significant," he added.

To a query, the minister said Pakistan might demand the world powers to play their due role in the war against terror as it had already given more sacrifices than its due share. The country had suffered the highest number of casualties in the war against terror and the US and the whole world recognized this fact.

About the technology, Pervaiz Rashid said every technology of Pakistan was secure and in safe hands, adding that no harm could be caused to it.

Regarding the intelligence reports on RAW, he said that one was ashamed to hear of dastardly plans of the Indian intelligence agaency against the elected Prime Minister of 180 million people. Such a conspiracy against a common citizen was even condemnable.

He said Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) Dr Maliha Lodhi had handed over dossiers to the quarters concerned which carry evidence of Indian interference in Pakistan.

Regarding election code of conduct violations by the PTI candidate in NA 122 by-polls in expenses, the minister said if any violations had been committed by the candidates, the Election Commission should take notice of the same.

About the PTI's claims of election irregularities in NA-122 by-polls, the Information Minister said how did the PTI candidate for the provincial assembly win the PP-147 by-polls, if PTI Chairman Imran Khan's allegation that the PML-N had manoeuvred the the NA-122 by-elections were true. The PTI candidate managed to get only 6000 to 7000 votes in NA-144 (Okara) by-polls, while the PML-N candidate bagged 47000 votes there and the was the victory margin of the PML-N candidate in Haripur by-polls against the PTI, he added.

To another question, he said all the claims of PTI chief of rigging in 2013 general election had been set aside by the Judicial Inquiry Commission and the voters of NA-122.

Now Imran Khan should support the PML-N government in eradicating terrorism, overcoming energy outages, improving law and order situation in Karachi and improving economy, he said, adding that the PTI leadership should criticise the government for its mistakes, if any, and propose remedies in the Parliament, but all this should be aimed at doing good for the country.

Pervaiz Rashid said Imran Khan should abandon his habit of levelling rigging allegation as not a child was even today ready to believe his mantra. The PTI Chief should save his party from further political loss, he added.

To a question, he said Imran Khan and Chaudhry Sarwar had failed to prove any election irregularities in the NA-122 by-polls. `Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar of Glassgow' was the only politician in the 400-year democratic history of Britain who was alleged of election rigging, he added.