LAHORE - Duration of loadshedding has increased from 6 to 10 hours in the metropolis.

Officials in power sector blame the shortage of fuel supply to power plants for longer outages, despite decrease in electricity demand due to fall in temperature.

They say the other power distribution companies of Punjab have also increased two to four hours in their previous shutdown schedule.

“Lesco was earlier conducting six hours load shedding at city feeders but now Lahorites are experiencing eight to 10 hours shutdown in a day,” sources said.

They informed that Iesco, Gepco, Fesco and Mepco too have increased the loadshedding duration from eight to 10 hours in urban areas and from 10 to 12 hours in rural areas.

“The situation in Interior Sindh, Balochistan and KPK is also the same,” they added.

Sources informed that electricity demand is standing at 15,500MW against the overall generation of below 10,000MW from IPPs, government owned thermal power plants and hydel stations. IPPs and Gencos are jointly adding 5,000MW while hydel general is also around 5,000MW.

From available generation, around 2,000MW is dedicated for VVIP feeders, defence and strategic installations and Karachi Electric Power Supply while the remaining 8,000 is being divided among all power distribution companies of the country.

Lesco officials say the company is facing more than 50 per cent gap between its demand and gap.

“The company needs around 3000MW to meet the demand of its consumers in urban and rural areas but it is getting 1500MW from national grid,” said sources, adding the situation forces the Lesco managers to even make consecutive power cuts of two to three hours at some city and rural areas feeders. The officials were of the believe that if the fuel supply to power plants became regular and according to their demand, there would be no shortfall or of even at minimum level between demand and supply.