OKARA - A cheater girl along with her accomplices looted a house after given some intoxication to inmates here in Chak Ishaq Wala the other day. As per detail, a girl knocked at the door of Mohammad Sharif in Chak Ishaq Wala and asked for water. After drinking water the girl requested permission to stay a night at the home. Mohammad Sharif allowed her to stay in for the night. In dinner, they cooked rice. In the meantime, the fraudulent girl mixed some intoxication in the rice. As a result, Mohammad Sharif, his wife Razia and young daughter Shehnaz became unconscious after eating rice.  The girl called her accomplices on the phone. They looted gold ornaments worth more than Rs200,000. The police have registered a case.Beheaded body found:  An unidentified beheaded body was recovered from Rajbah canal Kohla.  As per detail, the police with the help of people recovered beheaded body from Kohla Mer Rajbah. The police shifted the body to DHQ Hospital.  The police started search for the head. It is suspected that the murderers had decapitated the body and threw the head somewhere else.