WAZIRABAD - Three outlaws who allegedly killed Sheharyar, 5, after kidnapping him for ransom, were killed in a police shootout on Sialkot Road near village Vinjo Wali. According to police source, Imtiaz, the ring leader and a resident of Gujrat and presently working at a brick kiln in Karamabad, Khurram of Karamabad and Farooq of Sialkot, brothers-in-law of Imtiaz, were arrested and being investigated by the City Wazirabad police. Imtiaz informed the police that the mobile phone which was used for contacting with the parent of Sheharyar was lying at his residence in Karamabad.  The police were taking the kidnappers in a police van to Karamabad for recovery of the phone for presentation in the Court. When the police van reached near graveyard Kashmirian on road, three armed persons on two motorcycles attacked the police party and opened fire to get Imtiaqz released. The police also retaliated. As the hand-cuffed kidnapers rushed towards their companions, they were hit by the bullets and died on the spot. Later, the attackers managed to escape, leaving one motorcycle and one KK rifle on the road. The police have shifted the bodies to the THQ Hospital of Wazirabad. Later, local people took out a rally in favour of the police and also raised slogans.