KARACHI - Protest against ant-Islam film continued on the third consecutive day in the commercial hub of the country. Political, religious parties and different trade associations staged protest against the blasphemous film. In a higher security zone of the city and other major and minor markets, traders displayed the banners inscribed with condemnations of the US movie and chanted slogans against the US and the film-maker. The shopkeepers of Golimar also staged protest against the film and blocked the road with burning tyres.   On the other side, Sunni Tehreek staged a protest rally and a delegation of religious scholars presented a memorandum to the US consulate in this regard.Sunni Tehreek chief Sarwat Ijaz said that Muslims take pride in sacrificing their lives defending the honour of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).Sunni Tehreek’s protest rally started from its headquarters Markaz Ahle-Sunnat. The rally was stopped by the police over Jinnah Bridge after which a delegation of religious leaders took off to the US consulate.The participants of the rally also staged a sit-in over the Jinnah Bridge and demanded severe punishment for the US producer of the hate-inciting film.Meanwhile, another protest rally was also taken out from Lyari. The police stopped the rally from proceeding to the US consulate and skirmishes occurred between the police and participants of the rally on Netti Jetti bridge. Muttehida Inter-Muslim Forum has also demanded the UN to ban the anti-Islam film.Addressing a press conference along with the leaders of the forum at Press Club, Allama Abbas Kumiali asked the world community to take serious notice of it. Through the blasphemous film, the feelings of the Muslims across the world were provoked under a conspiracy, he said.Meanwhile, the MQM coordination committee has strongly condemned the Jamaat-i-Islami for falsely accusing the MQM in the murder of former town nazim Dr Pervaiz Mahmood and termed it an abhorrent conspiracy to malign the MQM. It said that the murder of any person was deserved to be condemned. The MQM condemns the murder of Dr Mahmood and feels it the part of deep conspiracy to destroy peace of the city.It regretted that the JI has made it a habit to lay the blame of every murder in the city at the door of the MQM in order to defame it and to damage its image. Back in 2009 the JI had tried to implicate the MQM in the murder of its former councilor Sajid Nazeer but it was later revealed that the MQM had nothing to do with his murder. The JI had taken the dead body of Sajid Nazeer to the Chief Minister’s House in a procession and had directly accused the MQM without any inquiry. The Co-ordination Committee said that the JI had started blaming the MQM once again after the murder of Dr Mahmood out of its malice and ill will against the MQM. It said that the JI may also blame the MQM for natural disasters, floods, earthquakes occurring in the country if it could possibly do it. The Co-ordination Committee said that it was the democratic right of the JI to have political and ideological differences with the MQM but its leadership must show political maturity and it should refrain from hurling baseless allegations because of political differences.