QUETTA - While strongly condemning the blasphemous movie against Islam, the legislators in Balochistan Assembly have termed this as a deliberate act and conspiracy to hurt the sentiments of the Muslims.“Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance but Muslims would not tolerate any blasphemy against Islam and Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” they warned.The session of Balochistan Assembly started with Deputy Speaker Balochistan Assembly Syed Matiullah Agha in the chair, here on Tuesday.Speaking on a point of order, Balochistan Irrigation Minister, Sardar Aslam Bizenjo strongly condemned the blasphemous movie against Islam and Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)and said that acts were being committed for the last several years aiming to hurt the sentiments of Muslim Ummah. “Muslim countries should devise a joint strategy against such anti-Islamic acts so that nobody could dare to commit blasphemy against Islam”, he stressed. Senior lawmaker, Jaffar Khan Mandokhel said that the blasphemous movie mocking Muslim Ummah widely hurt the sentiments of Muslims due to which Muslims across the world including that of Pakistan were protesting.“The killing of four US nationals, including Ambassador by emotional protesters in Libya is though not a good move, however, such reactions after such blasphemous acts is natural move”, he added.He expressed concern over violent protests in Pakistan and use of baton-charge and tear gas against protesters who were protesting against anti-Islam movie. Engineer Zamrak Khan of Awami National Party said that Muslims have never insulted any religion rather always protected the minorities and respected their religion.PPP leader and Minister for Quality Education Jan Ali Changezai said that blasphemous movie against Islam was a deliberate act and a conspiracy against Islam. Other legislators, Zahoor Buledi and Asad Baloch said that Islam was religion of peace and nobody could harm it, however, any blasphemous act against Islam would not be tolerated. “We want to convoy the message to those elements which are committing such acts that their nefarious designs would never be materialized,” they added.Earlier, Jaffar Khan Mandokhel moved an adjournment motion condemning the blasphemous movie.He asked the chair to stop the routine business of the House and debate on this issue. The chair approved the motion for two hours debate after voting. Speaking on a point of order, Agriculture Minister Asad Baloch said that recent floods had caused havoc in Balochistan by claiming dozens of lives, destroying villages and damaging thousands of acres vast crops but govt was paying no heed towards Balochistan. “Prime Minister visited Jacobabad but did not bother to visit flood-hit areas of Balochistan “, he said.Speaking on another point of order, lawmaker Sultan Tareen said that Pakhtun students were being harrased in Baloch Residential College Khuzdar and asked the authorities concerned for providing security to the students.Jaffar Khan Mandokhel said that through a conspiracy rifts were being created between Baloch and Pakhtuns who had been living together for centuries. Zahoor Buledi said that the issue should be taken up by officials of BRC Khuzdar since the institution had its on discipline and criteria.“Some elements are wrongly portraying this issue for their vested interests”, he added.