ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Tuesday that the people who had been talking of confrontation among institutions have finally faced disappointment following the government's stance before the Supreme Court in NRO case.Talking to media outside the Supreme Court after hearing of the NRO Implementation case, he said the court had also observed that some elements had been desiring clash between court and the government but all their aspirations have gone wrong.He said that from the very first day, the government had the resolve to respect the institutions and avoid clash among pillars of the States as “we defend our case inside the court not outside.” "We have worked out a way to proceed further in the court on this matter. The issue would be solved and ultimately uncertainty will be over. We are heading forward to the satisfaction of the court," he added.To a question, he said former Prime Minister has obeyed the Constitution. Kaira said Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf appeared before the Supreme Court on its directives to make his words of making sincere and constructive efforts to resolve the issue. He said during the course of hearing, the Prime Minister instructed the Law Minister to take constructive steps to implement para 178 of NRO verdict."The PM has authorised Law Minister to draft a letter that would be produced before the court through the Ministry that would follow further communication on the draft."He said the Prime Minister also apprised the court that hearing the Federation’s concern was also the responsibility of the court. Kaira said: "we will apprise the court on the issues and concerns of the Federation that should be taken into account during hearing of the case."He hoped that the court would also take care of the immunity entitled to the President of Pakistan. "I appeal to the media to act responsibly by removing misunderstandings of any clash between the PPP and the court as it will prove counter-productive for the PPP in its electioneering." He urged the political parties to start preparations for the next elections.He said it was the people to decide as who would govern the country for next five years.Kaira said Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and PPP workers have sacrificed their lives for principles and never compromised on the national issues.To another question, he said, elections would be held on time as it cannot be held earlier on anybody’s desire.He told media that the Law Minister would present his point of view regarding Federation's concerns in the court at the next hearing.