RAWALPINDI  - Supply of contaminated drinking water has posed health hazards to the residents of different lanes in Chohar Chowk.

“Water being supplied to us is extremely filthy and is adulterated with sewerage line filth. We are forced to drink and have been put at the brink of becoming victim to epidemics, said a group of residents of lane No 7.

I had to take my young son to hospital in emergency due to chronic dysentery caused by adulterated water. He is still in precarious condition, said Muhammad Sharif, resident of lane No 4.

Due to construction of road, water flowing in gutter has gone mixed with the water line and made it contaminated, said Ali Ahmad, a teacher.

The residents demanded immediate measures for plugging leakage of gutter water otherwise they will be forced to set up strike camp outside Cantonment board office.  Meanwhile, residents of Khanna Dak have voiced strong protest over disconnection of water supply since the last few weeks.

The government had installed a tube well one year ago in this area due to consistent efforts and struggle of the residents of the area and it was the sole source of providing clean drinking water, said Ejaz Ahmad, a teacher.

But we have been deprived of this facility as the power connection of the tube well has been disconnected by IESCO due to non-payment of outstanding bills, he pointed out.

We have now to fetch drinking water from remote areas after returning from office and this way not only our precious time is wasted but we have to incur heavy expenses on petrol consumption in our bikes while collecting water, said a group of residents.

The residents demanded immediate restoration of water supply otherwise they will go on road for staging protest rallies.