LAHORE – A Finnish company has announced to make an investment of $135 in paperboard industry in Pakistan in next two years by setting up a joint venture with Packages Ltd, it is learnt.Industry sources said that the deal with Packages Ltd, subject to regulatory approval, is likely to be completed in early next year. Stora Enso, the partner company of the Packages Ltd, has decided to shift its focus from ailing papermaking to healthier areas such as the packaging business. The Stora Enso, which already holds 6.4 per cent stakes in Packages Ltd, has said it sees fibre-based consumer board consumption in Pakistan growing 9 per cent annually. It said the joint venture’s sales were forecast to be $130 million this year.The Finnish company said both partners will invest $135 million into the joint venture during 2013 and 2014. The agreed value of the company was about $108 million. Stora, saying every third beverage carton in the world is made from its materials, earlier this year announced a plan to invest 1.6 million euros to build a consumer board and eucalyptus pulp mill in China. It had earlier planned to boost its industrial packaging board production in Poland by investing 285 million euros.