ISLAMABAD - Immunisation does not include any harmful ingredients and term was misinterpreted, as 97 per cent children are immunised in Saudi Arabia and this is done under the supervision of Khadim-e-Harmain Sharifain.

Director Middle East Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) and former minister of finance of the Saudi Arabia, Dr Hussain Abdul Razzaq Algezairi stated during a lecture in Training Programme for Imams organised by the Dawah Academy of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI).

He said immunisation produces resistance against diseases in the children.

In 1985 the number of disabled children in Pakistan was 30,000 while the proportion of disabled children in Pakistan is only 200 today. This only became possible due to immunisation.

Dr Hussain Abdul Razzaq said ‘Islam is the most clear, accurate and rational religion. This religion scared the East because Islam is spreading rapidly around the world. Islam is the first religion to set rights not only for human beings but animals and plants’.

He maintained Islam pays full attention to the fitness and health of human being. Islam does not force any person other than few obligatory acts of worship, however an individual is a reflection of the society therefore Islam stress upon the complete perfection of human being in affairs.

At the end the question answer session was held in which Dr Hussain Abdul Razzaq answered the questions raised by the participants.