A company more used to making gates and fencing has revamped a Volkswagen Beetle in wrought-iron.Three craftsmen’ from Croatian company MG Vrbanus’s , took four months to painstakingly construct the body and mount it onto a VW Beetle frame. The exterior includes 24-carat gold leaf, hand-stitched leather interior and has added an additional 70kg to the original weight of 820kg.“The idea of using a Volkswagen Beetle came about because it was in production for so long it really became an iconic car. Everyone knows the Beetle and can readily identify with it. Besides which, it would be not too difficult to remove the sheet metal bodywork and replace it with wrought iron sections,” said owner Sandro Vrbanus.Thanks to the eye-catching design, the car is popular with wedding parties looking to make a show-stopping arrival at the church - that’s if it doesn’t rain.                                      –WO