LAHORE – Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) launched the much anticipated new model Civic in A press conference held here on Tuesday.Speaking at the occasion, Honda Chairman Yusuf H. Shirazi reiterated his confidence in Pakistan and its economic potential. He underlined that at Honda Atlas quality is an attitude aimed at winning customer acceptance, trust and goodwill, gains being a long term objective. A direct contribution of 19 billion (1.15pc of the total tax collection) to government exchequer by the group in addition to indirect was mentioned. He drew attention towards the inconsistent government policies, pointing out import of used cars which not only fleeced the customers but also retards industrial development. He said that the used cars import fill pockets of a few opportunists and it is against the long term investments made by the automobile industry. He emphasized that Honda is all about accepting challenges, but let the challenge be fair, even and contributive in nature.