LAHORE - Like other parts of the City, traders took out protest rallies in Urdu Bazaar and Regal Chowk against the blasphemous movie.

On the protest call by the All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran and Hall Road Traders, the business leaders led demonstrations in Urdu Bazaar and at Regal Chowk to condemn the derogatory act committed by a US pastor Terry Jones.

The charged protesters chanted slogans against the United States and the moviemaker. Addressing a protest rally, the speakers termed the release of video clips religious terrorism. They also demanded the ouster of the US envoy.

Meanwhile, All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran General Secretary Naeem Mir said traders’ bodies were considering to observe a shutter down strike in City on Friday. He said the western world, particularly the Jewish lobby, was involved in committing such blasphemous acts to play with religious sentiments of Muslims all over the world.

Earlier, he said, the same US pastor desecrated the Holy Quran and now he had prepared a blasphemous movie with the help of Israel. He said it was binding for the  whole Muslim Ummah to protect the honour and dignity of prophets.