KARACHI - At least eight people were killed and nearly two dozen injured as two back to back explosions near the Dolmen Shopping Centre in Hyderi Market of Karachi on Tuesday.

A woman and a ten-year-old girl were among the dead. The dead and injured were taken to Abbasi Shaheed and Dr Ziauddin hospitals.

Area residents said the powerful explosions were heard in a radius of two to three kilometers and caused many cars in the vicinity to collide with each other. The Bohri Community appeared to be the main target of these bombs and most of the victims were also members of the above said community.

SSP Central Asim Kaim Khani told the media that each bomb contained 10 to 12 kilograms of explosives. He said that seven people succumbed to injuries before their arrival at the hospital while some 27 wounded people were shifted to the hospital. The deceased included Umama, Noorudin, Fakhaerudin, Sajid, Dawood Bhi, Ismaeel Hakim and an unidentified woman.

Witnesses said that the first blast took place near the Dolmen Mall located closed to the Bohri Jamat Khana, where culprits parked a snatched motorbike used in the explosion while the second bomb exploded just 50 meters away in a garbage yard.

The motorcycle carrying explosive device had been parked near a poll on which closed circuit cameras were installed so that the investigators could not get the footages of the culprits. The two bombs went off within minutes of each other in the usually crowded market. Eyewitnesses said that the first blast took place at around 7:30pm when the market was crowded.

Shops in the nearby market were closed down immediately after the blasts, which caused fire at the site. The blasts destroyed two vehicles and damaged several others parked nearby while window panes of the surrounding buildings were also shattered.

Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah took notice of the incident and sought a report from IG Sindh. Traders’ association has called a strike in the city in protest against the blasts. The preliminary report of BDS experts revealed that bombs carried two different sorts of shrapnel and one of the bombs was much similar to a bomb that was blasted outside Chinese Consulate.

The investigators had tracked down the motorbike being used in one of the blasts. It was snatched from Rizvia Police remits on September 3, bearing registration number KFZ-8938. Police had taken the owner of the snatched motorbike into custody for questioning.

The police had found a 20-kg bomb from the same place on August 13 before the terrorists could explode it. Sources said that the Bohri Community was receiving threats from some anonymous militant group and they had curtailed their religious activity for last three months.