KARACHI - The international environmental organisation, WWF-Pakistan on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Civil Aviation Authority with an aim to raise awareness on environmental conservation and associated biodiversity in Pakistan.Nadeem Khan Yousufzai, director general CAA, and Ali Habib, Director General, WWF-Pakistan, Marriyum Aurangzeb, Senior Manager Corporate Relations, WWF–Pakistan and other senior officials of both the organisations were present in the signing ceremony.The WWF-Pakistan will be assisting CAA in performing environmental impact assessments in their new projects across the country , so as to create a positive environment for natural resource conservation through mass media outreach, awareness building and training.  Together, CAA and WWF Pakistan could design an awareness raising campaign to save environment and associated biodiversity. Both the organizations could make environmental conservation a household word and issues connected with their sustainability a public cause. Such a collaboration would be both naturally a part of our mandates and of mutual benefit to both our environmental endeavours, and to the public’s awareness of environmental issues in the country. The partnership intends to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration between WWF-Pakistan and CAA with the aim of enhancing public awareness on critical environment issues in Pakistan. The partnership also intends to explore diverse ideas whilst canvassing opportunities, and exploring synergies for collaboration between CAA and WWF Pakistan. The details of the proposed partnership are to carry environment campaigns to convey environment conservation messages. CAA and WWF-Pakistan to initiate environmental awareness corner at selected airports, conservation alerts through CAA’s LCD screens, TV and digital platforms in lounge video facilities, while CAA will initiate environmental awareness recorded messages on all the phone lines. WWF-Pakistan’s complimentary Corporate Club membership will collaborate and launch Go Green campaigns as well as will engage and involve CAA staff in capacity building and training sessions.  CAA and WWF-Pakistan dedicated environment digital board at a prominent spot at the airport lounges.