Holy Quran says, “When you judge among people, judge with justice”. 

Finally the verdict the entire Pakistani nation had been awaiting for a decade, after taking a colossal amount of time, has finally appeared 

Hearing the verdict, many intellectuals are raising questions about its credibility that only a handful of officers are decreed for life sentence. There are many queries left unanswered. Who are the real killers? Whose hands are behind the assassination of BB? Who were the commanding officers who assisted to SSP and SP to wipe out the place of incident? 

The former prime minister was not served with justice then how justice can it be dispensed to common people. Thousands of cases are pending in our honourable courts, while people come in courts looking forward for justice. It is besought that every citizen should be served with justice on respective time, as it is the fundamental principle for making progress of any state. As Aristotle stated, “Edifice of a country stands on justice”. 


Mirpurkhas, September 2.