“What you meet in another being is just

the projection of your own evolution”

–Ram Dass

The ‘Mashk’, is a vessel for water carrying derived from and carried in the skin of a goat, due to its water proof ability. This vessel was carried by a ‘Mashki’ in ancient times, whose task was to provide water or other refreshing drinks to travelers, warriors and people in general. Since these water carriers were a great blessing for the people they served, hence the Mashki were also addressed as ‘Bahishti’ which happens to be a derivation of the Persian word ‘Bahisht’ meaning heavenly, and for good reason. So while we think that the Mashkis are a pretty old deal and are just another ancient fragment as our great ancestors, we might want to rethink this.

The Bahishti’s are actually modern day’s very own ‘Water Boys’, with a crystal clear task describing name, they are the backbone of today’s football, hockey, baseball and all other sports inclined arenas and more.

We humans have come a long way from the advent of Adam. We prospered, nurtured, fought, survived and collaborated and now are just a better transition of our pasts, adopting many traditions and letting go of as many and therefore it’s safe to say that we are still evolving. So here we are now ladies and gentlemen, aspiring towards our future with glimpses of our pasts that are too fascinating to disregard.