On one hand, former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has been shouting on the top of his voice in every press conference and public gathering, asking “Mujhe kyun nikala?” (Why I was removed from my seat as prime minister?). His daughter, Maryam Safdar on the other hand, while campaigning for her mother for the NA-120 elections is telling the people that her father was removed from the post of prime minister for not drawing salary from his son’s company in UAE.

I think it is time that Supreme Court of Pakistan issues a statement giving exact reasons of Nawaz Sharif’s removal from PM’s office for spending a life beyond his means of income and for failing to produce money trail with which properties worth billions of dollars were purchased in different parts of the world.

A full stop should be put to Maryam Safdar’s misinformation campaign.


Karachi, September 10.