KARACHI - The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) city chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman reiterated that Karachi should be given a package of at least Rs500 billion for three-year as well as a comprehensive mechanism should be formed to implement the planning for its development.

Addressing a press conference here at Idarae Noor-e-Huq, Naeem demanded that Green Line Bus rapid transit system and Karachi Circular Railway should be made functional at the earliest to resolve some of the transportation woes of Karachiites.

He went on to say that the Green Line Bus rapid transit system would cater only five percent need of the city that’s why mass transit programme is the need of the hour for the megacity. He also demanded of the authorities concerned to complete K-IV and S-III projects at the earliest so that the people could be provided some sort of relief.

Speaking on the public sector universities of the city, the JI leader was of the view that all government varsities are facing financial crises, demanding of the federal government to upgrade the same and announce special grants for them.

He asked the government to announce projects for cleanliness and uplift of hospitals and educational institutions,” he added.

Hailing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s announcement of awarding nationality to Pakistan-born Afghanis and Bangalis, Naeem said that those who have migrated from East Pakistan should also be issued National Identity Cards (NIC).

“The JI had struggled for issuance of National Identity Cards to deserving Pakhtoons, Bangalis and Biharis,” the JI leader added while insisting that those Pakistanis who are stranded in Bangladesh should also be repatriated.

He said that the prime minister was not properly briefed by his team regarding the woes of Karachi that’s why he could not announce any clear package or project for Karachi. “The people of Karachi were expecting the announcement of special, comprehensive and big packages by the prime minister during his first visit.

Karachiites expect a lot from the federal government as 18 out of 21 national assembly members of the city belonged to treasury,” said Naeem.

Imran was also supposed to speak against K-Electric over its ‘malpractices’ and negligence due to which many innocent lives have been lost, he added while demanding the power utility to announce compensation of at least Rs50 million for the families of each affectee.

The JI leader also expressed severe concerns over increasing street crimes, abduction of children and other incidents of crime in the city. He said that the people are feeling insecure in these circumstances, demanding of the law enforcement agencies to take strict action against such elements.