Wah cantt-People in Taxila and Wah have been suffering at the hands of criminal gangs despite the tall claims by the police of tightening the noose around dacoits and burglars. Criminals are on the loose in various urban and rural areas of Taxila town while local Police seems to be in deep slumber. Armed gangs are on a looting spree in the area as the residents have witnessed an alarming increase in lawlessness, especially street crimes during the last couple of weeks, exposing the poor police performance to prevent the rising robberies while police officials are observing the whole affair as idle spectators.          

 In the first incident, four armed men entered the house of Amir Shahzad in Ahmed Nagar Sharqi area by cutting the locks of the door and took the occupants hostage on gunpoint. Later they searched the house and fled with looted booty including cash and gold ornaments worth millions of rupees.

The same gang also struck at the house of Mohammad Khalid in the same locality where they took all the members of the house hostage and looted cash worth Rs 0.3 million and 2 tola gold.

 It has been observed that the historic city has become a safe haven for gangsters and robbers, who are striking brazenly and with impunity in every nook and corner of the town.

Armed robberies have become order of the day which is evident from the fact that dacoits strike daily in various parts of the city in which they deprive the masses of cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth millions of rupees while police seems to be indolent observers. It is matter of great concern that there is no respite in domestic robberies and dacoities in different localities of Taxila, Wah Cantt and Wah Saddar area as bandits are up in arms against the masses unabated.