LOS ANGELES-Angelina Jolie is set to star in and produce ‘The Kept’.

The Academy Award-winning actress has joined the team that’s currently working on a film adaptation of the novel by James Scott, which tells the story of a trio of murderers that descend upon a farm in New York. Angelina, 43, will star in the role of Elspeth Howell, a midwife, who returns home to the devastation.

The Hollywood actress will also produce the project, while Alice Birch - who penned the ‘Lady MacBeth’ movie - will be writing the adaptation. Angelina recently finished filming the ‘Maleficent’ sequel, and she is currently in the midst of shooting ‘Come Away’ alongside David Oyelowo. Meanwhile, Angelina previously revealed she’s determined to strike a balance between challenging herself as an actress while also dedicating herself to her humanitarian causes.

The American star - who promotes various causes, including education and women’s rights - explained: ‘’You have your creative, and you have your work, and every day of your life is going to be about somehow growing as a person. Somehow feeling you can contribute to the extent that you can contribute.

‘’We’re all trying to find balance, as people. I think to be a balanced person, you have to find those things that you just purely enjoy.

‘’But, of course, if you aren’t participating in the bigger picture of life, and in being somehow useful, and you aren’t doing something and growing, then really, you’ll find you’re not very happy. Really, you’ll have quite an empty life.’’