Islamabad-Pakistan and China on Tuesday agreed on enhancing the cooperation in education sector for the skill development and poverty alleviation in the country. 

Both sides agreed in a meeting held between Federal Minister for Education and Chinese envoy to Pakistan Mr. Yao Jing. Minister Shafqat Mahmood said that Pakistan is facing myriad challenges in education sector and among them are; bringing the 2.5 million out of school children to schools, establishing a uniform education system and Curriculum, ensuring Quality education and working on the skill development. 

 The Federal Education minister said that education though is a devolved subject but we will take a leadership role, work on the Policy Framework and will introduce uniform standards and certification in education system. “We will provide all out support to the provinces, will facilitate and coordinate with them to enable them to introduce the changes in education system in provinces purely in National Interest and bright future of our entire youth”, added Shafqat Mahmood.

 Mr. Shafqat Mahmood said that Pakistan would like to learn from the experiences of China and how the country, in spite of a huge youth population, different languages and multiple ethnicities has introduced a uniform education system. “We would also like the support of China in guiding us on Skill and Human Development”, added the minister.

 The China’s ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Yao Jing informed the education minister that under the CPEC apart from the economic and development aspect the Chinese government is working on introducing a Social Aspect and with that the Chinese government will work for the Promotion of health, education, skill and human development and poverty alleviation in Pakistan. 

It will be executed as per the wishes of the government and people of Pakistan but our focus for Social Aspect will be on Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other such areas, added Mr. Yao Jing. “It may include building schools, infrastructure, health facilities, providing more and more scholarships to the Pakistani students and providing skill development trainings”, he added.

 The China’s ambassador to Pakistan further said that we will support the education in Pakistan and share our experiences and guide the present government in introducing the changes in the educational system.

A comprehensive briefing for the education minister may be arranged on how the China shifted to the uniform education system.