LAHORE - Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has said the past regime ran all matters on an ad hoc basis in all sectors.

He stated this while presiding over a meeting of Energy Department in which Bhikkhi, Solar Park, Thermal and Coal Projects were came under discussion.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that during last regime billions of rupees were showered in the name of ending load shedding and many projects were carried out only in papers.

Similarly, public exchequer was wasted on the unnecessary publicity while the results were nothing, he said.

The senior minister said that due to his personal efforts and his intervention assured continuity of Bhikki plant to produce electricity.

He Minister said the at federal government would be taken into loop and next week the meeting would be held in Islamabad with federal ministers and authorities.

He asked the officers of Energy Department to prepare recommendations, keeping in view, the ground realities to ensure continuity of the existing projects on permanent basis and resolve the merging issues.

Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan also presided over meetings of Health, Education, Industries, Tourism and Women Development Departments in which Ministers and Secretaries were present and 100 days plan was discussed.

Senior Minister directed that keeping in view the high hopes of the masses we have to make concrete and solid planning during these 100 days on which implementation would be made in the coming years.

"We have to ensure prompt and cheaper provision of basic facilities of life to everyone and for this every department would have to come up with proper home work," he added.

Abdul Aleem Khan said the present government had inherited a number of chronic issues which were resulting as a hurdle to run the affairs.

He, however, affirmed belief that soon we would be evolving the strategy to overcome the situation and bring practical changes in every sphere of life.

Abdul Aleem Khan asked the senior officers to start their working based on the facts and take remedial measures to provide maximum relief to a common man.

Moreover, Provincial Minister for Finance Hasham Jawaan  Bakhat and Minister Irrigation Mohsin Leghari called on Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan in his office and exchanged views on 100-day plan and performance of their departments.    

Aleem said that Punjab Government would bring budget on the real facts. He also stressed the need to resolve pending issues in Irrigation Department and assured his all out cooperation in this regard.