ISLAMABAD - Former Test cricketer Naveed Qureshi lambasted the PCB for destroying domestic structure and introducing childish changes in country’s premier tournament Quaid-e-Azam Trophy every year, which had ruined the careers of top class players.

Talking to The Nation, Naveed said: “The decision makers in the PCB don’t know the ABC of cricket and are enjoying countless benefits. It is the players, who play out their heart in hot and cold weathers, but despite giving out their best, many of them are still unable to buy a good conveyance for them while on the other hand, the PCB officials enjoy luxurious lives and just spoil the careers of bright futures of Pakistan cricket.”

He said for last several years, domestic cricket format is being changed consecutively, which is hard to absolve. “Let the system run, if one system is introduced, then give it ample time to make it either successful or flopped, but the PCB has its own way of dealing with the things. They are fully aware that these childish changes in domestic structure won’t remain last, but they keep on changing in domestic circuit every year.

“First of all, starting Quaid Trophy in September is the biggest blunder, as the weather is too hot, while rains also disturb matches. Secondly the players are suffering a lot as majority of them don’t have jobs and play for regions, who don’t offer year-based incentives. The players somehow manage to get contracts in different English leagues and when the season in Pakistan starts so early, they have to leave the contracts in the middle or at very crucial stage, as their teams’ are either at top or fighting for survival, so it left employers red-faced and they refuse to sign the same players next year,” he added.

Naveed said: “Now the PCB or the super brains must tell me one simple answer that how on earth these players could earn bread and butter or fulfill their passion of playing cricket. If the PCB brains come out of drawing rooms and keep in mind different things, which even a school-going kid is aware of, I don’t feel there would be any problem.

“The Quaid Trophy must be started from December and the One-Day Cup must be held after a month’s gap, as in four-day matches, the players have to adopt different technique and have to leave deliveries outside the stumps. They have to bat with patience and after only a day’s gap, they are forced to completely change their techniques and have to hit every ball out of the park in one-day format,” he added.

He said that Pakistan domestic cricket is going down with each passing day. “I am quite surprised why PCB is keeping blind eyes on very simple fact that there is not a single former Test cricketer, an international or even a first class player, who is running the any region. The cricketing illiterates are making the decisions and they are free to spoil the careers of talented youth, just because of their liking and disliking.

“Players like me, who have served the region, departments and the country are available to serve Pakistan cricket, but the board never take advantage from our knowledge. Unless proper system is introduced, the things would never change,” he added.

“Now a World Cup winning skipper is Prime Minister of Pakistan and former cricketers like me have pinned great hopes in him. I hope he will not only lead the country in best possible manner, like he used to lead the national team, but also provide justice to all the past greats.

“There are hardly 200 plus Test cricketers and the PCB doesn’t have any plan for us. I am sure Imran will look into this matter and will take all of us onboard. I am ready to serve Pakistan cricket to the best of my abilities and want to help Rawalpindi in general and country in particular. I am ready to work for the betterment of players,” Naveed concluded.