ISLAMABAD - There is a discrepancy of more than Rs200 billion in the figures reflected in the Federal Public Sector Development Programme 2018-19 and the Federal Budget’s Pink Book of the Ministry of Finance.

In the Federal PSDP 2018-19, the allocations were Rs1030 billion, which include Rs930 billion for the development projects and Rs100 billion for the present government to allocate for the projects, however in the Pink Book the allocations were around Rs800 billion, an official source told The Nation here Tuesday. The finance ministry releases funds for the projects on the basis of Pink Book instead of PSDP figures which means that the allocations above Rs800 billion were nothing but figures fudging.

Such a big discrepancy means that the PSDP figures were compromised by the previous PML (N) government as it was not tallied with the figures of the ministry of finance. The figures in the PSDP were manipulated  for political gains but it was not backed by the Pink Book of the ministry of finance, the official said.

The government has Tuesday downward revised the federal PSDP figures to Rs725 billion from the early Rs1030 billion claiming that they have saved Rs 305 billion by cutting the development expenditure. All the unapproved projects were taken out of the PSDP.

Actually the saving in comparison to Pink book is only Rs75 billion as there is difference of more than Rs230 billion in the PSDP allocations of Rs1030 billion and Pink Book figures of Rs800 billion, the official said. 

For example the official said that the total allocations for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan in Federal PSDP 2018-19 were Rs51.205 billion, however in pink book it was only Rs 18.329 billion.

Water resource Division total allocations according the PSDP were Rs63.127 billion however in Pink book it is Rs62.027 billion.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission allocations in PSDP were Rs30.425 billion however in Pink book Rs28.339 billion.

Similarly Rs5 billion in Federal PSPD programme for Prime Minister Global SDGS achievement program is not mentioned in the Pink Book. Special Provision of Rs5 billion for Completion of CPEC Projects allocated in the PSDP was also not part of the Pink Book. Similarly, Rs10 billion contribution of the Federal government towards FATA development is also not part of the Federal government.

Interestingly Rs32.295 billion earmarked for the power division, ministry of Energy, in the federal PSDP 2018-19didn’t reflect in the Pink Book. Similarly Rs16373.505 million earmarked for Water Resource Division (Hydel) in the PSDP but there is no mention of the allocations in Pink Book.

In the PSDP 2018-19 the allocations for Railway division were Rs40 billion which is Rs34.412 in the Pink Book of the finance ministry.

Capital Administration and Development Division PSDP allocation was Rs15.237 billion but in the Pink Book it was Rs13.906 billion.

The Establishment Division allocation in PSDP was Rs175.437 million however in Pink Book it was only Rs25 million.

However, the allocation for Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination was Rs25034.498 but in Pink book it was Rs30.734 billion.

Similarly, for the projects of the ministry of planning Development and Reforms the PSDP allocation is Rs27.590 billion while Rs31240.243 were reflected in the Pink Book.