Rawalpindi-In order to ensure security to Youm-e-Ashor, the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Bin Ashraf on Tuesday ordered traffic police to remove all the encroachments along the main route of procession. Youm e Ashor is to be held on September 21, 2018 (Friday).

He also announced a special plan for traffic movement and to provide security to the participants of main procession.

Under the plan, parking vehicles or handcarts on the route of the procession have been strictly banned while traffic wardens would be deployed on the city’s roads.

CTO Muhammad Bin Ashraf said that there would be nearly seventeen diversion points in the city to ensure the traffic flow.

No tractor trolley, truck or other public service vehicles would be allowed to reach near Youm-e-Ashor processions, he said.

The CTO urged the citizens to use alternative routes including Airport Road, Rialto Chowk, Tippu Road, Rawal Road and Murree Road ahead of Chandi Chowk to reach Islamabad. Ambulances, fire brigade and other emergency service vehicles would be checked properly, he said. He added Police personnel and traffic wardens would be deployed to control traffic in the city.

Emergency squads have also been appointed to maintain the flow of traffic in the city, he added.

He asked the wardens to keep a vigil on the vehicles plying with tainted sheets on windows and unauthorized number plates besides arresting the beggars from roads. He also ordered wardens to seize immediately any suspicious items spotted during duty. Nobody should be allowed to stand along the route of main procession in order to ensure security, said CTO. He ordered the wardens to impart Muharram duty with commitment and dedication and behave politely with the road users.  The CTO also asked the wardens to remove all kinds of encroachments from the routes of processions besides keeping a vigil on suspected persons and things. Strict disciplinary action would be taken against the delinquent officials, the CTO warned.

The CTO said that main procession routes, including College Chowk, Fowara Chowk, Raja Bazaar and others would be barricaded and no vehicular traffic would be allowed to go ahead of these locations. All the traffic would be diverted to other routes, he added.

The CTO said that special arrangements for the traffic would also be made for the outskirts of the city and Rawalpindi Cantonment areas.