LAHORE (PR) - Hundred of electricity/Wapda workers held a mass rally at Bakhtiar Labour Hall, Nisbat Road, Lahore under the auspices of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union urging the government to provide adequate security to the field staff of distribution electricity and Sui gas workers during the prevent of theft of electricity and gas against lawless elements and appoint special magistrate to try the accused of theft. The participants also demanded the government to reduce the rate of gas and electricity to the poor segments of the society.

It was also demanded that the government should get recovered the corruption money deposited in the foreign banks and use this money to build Bhasha and Mohmand Dams in order to provide basic need of water to 220 million population of the country.

At this occasion, the participants were carrying the banners in support of their demands. Khurshid Ahmad General Secretary of the union addressed the rally.

He asked the electricity management to ensure safe working conditions to the line staff by getting implemented the safety regulations and provisions of standard safety equipments.