MIRPUR (AJK)-Azad Jammu & Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said ‘’Narendera Modi-led government is a fascist one which dreams of its hegemony on the basis of her might in the region and considers Pakistan a big hurdle to fulfil its nefarious design”.

Addressing a Kashmir conference arranged by National Parliamentarians here on Wednesday, the AJK PM said that India considers herself the successor of the British rule in the region, according to an official statement issued by media wing of AJK government here Tuesday evening.

“Modi is propagating a slogan of nationalism in the same manner adopted by Hitter”, the premier stated.

“Hitler started its occupation from Czechoslovakia and his designs were not understood by Stallion and Chamberlin but incidents afterword proved that Hitler wanted to impose its ideology on others by use of force. Modi government is following the philosophy of RSS which has converted majority into a minority by imposing its will”, Farooq Haider explained.

The prime minister announced that Kashmiris on both sides of Line of Control (LoC) are divided families and Kashmiris on this side of LoC backed by whole Pakistani nation would not hesitate to render any sacrifice for their oppressed brethren and sisters.

He said the people of Kashmir want Pakistan to move a step forward instead of traditional rhetoric of political, moral and diplomatic support.

Raja Farooq Haider said, “we are waiting for Prime Minister of Pakistan’s speech at the United Nations’ General Assembly scheduled on 27th of this month. We will decide future line of action after IK’s speech, he declared.

“We want to be a part of golden history not like Mir Sadiq and Mir Jhaffer”, he added.

The prime minister asked government of Pakistan to put its strength on the back of Kashmiris and give them chance to raise their voice at international forums because international community listens to our voices.

He reiterated that Kashmiris would not deceive Pakistan at any stage.

“Over two lakh Muslims were assassinated in 1947 and three lakh were pushed towards Pakistan. So for over one lakh Kashmiris of the valley martyred. Over ten thousands became half widows and ten thousand children martyred and over ten thousands are missing.

Thousands of women were disgraced and thousands others were deprived of their sights”, Farooq Haider elaborated. The AJK prime minister said that history of sacrifice of Kashmiris for the right to self-determination is endless.

“Kashmir conflict couldn’t be resolved through bilateral talks with India. It could not be resolved even after next seventy years. I urged you not to go for bilateral talks with India”, the PM asserted.

The premier while disagreeing the statements of Foreign Minister and Adviser on Information said that Indian Supreme Court has bailed out Narendera Modi of international pressure.

Raja Farooq Haider declared that led by brave Aremd Forces, Pakistan and Kashmiris are fully capable to go for any conventional or unconventional wars. “We have full confidence in our valiant Armed Forces and Kashmiris would fight shoulder to shoulder with their brave troops to defeat the nefarious designs of the enemy”, he added.

The AJK prime minister in an emotional way shared the story of his grandmother who used to tell him her dream about the large number of people including him marching towards the Kashmir.

The participants of the conference highly appreciated the Prime Minister’s speech amidst full-throated Allah O Akbar slogans on this occasion.