Islamabad-The PPP-led coalition government has launched efforts to track down and combat what is described as 'Bad Taliban engaged in targeting the law-enforcement agencies in parts of the NWFP and FATA. Well-placed sources told TheNation on Sunday that the government had taken serious exception to the latest spate of suicide bombings targeting the law-enforcement agencies particularly the NWFP police and decided to trace and combat the people involved in these attacks. Sources further said that suicide bombing attacks first at a police check-post in Charsadda district and then in Hangu district claiming three dozen lives of duty cops including senior officers had forced the government to launch manhunt for these elements and bring them to the book. Sources said these targeted bombing having identical pattern were acts of elements involved in the anti-state and anti-Islam activities with the support of local criminal gangs. The government, sources said, gleaned clues into as result of the preliminary investigation by the security forces that these elements were either carrying out such actions on behalf of the enemy of Pakistan or serving the agenda of the local criminal gangs. The government was taken by surprise over the manner these elements had targeted the security forces in the backdrop of the Swat deal with Taliban who had demanded enforcement of speedy justice system in the form of Nizam-e-Adl. Sources were of the view that Taliban in Swat region had stopped acts of terrorism after the deal but there were elements other than Taliban who follow no Islamic agenda but to destabilize state institution responsible to enforce law either for the agenda of anti-Pakistan forces or settle personal scores with the police force. They further said that the government was also considering seeking help of what is described as 'Good Taliban in tracking down and combating the elements involved to destabilize the country. Some sources were of the view that this government strategy could greatly help to identify the elements targeting the law enforcement agencies in NWFP and FATA. Good Taliban are people following just Islamic agenda and were not involved in the anti-state activities , a source told TheNation while requesting anonymity. However few of the sources were not inclined to buy this proposition saying that the Taliban targeting the law enforcement agencies were actually carrying out these attacks as reaction to the CIA operated drone strikes against Al-Qaeda and Taliban hideouts in FATA. All the Taliban are the same and there should be no distinction between good and bad Taliban and it was need of the hour that government tackles them with an iron hand, said another source.