ISLAMABAD - While embarking upon a visit to Saudi Arabia to perform Ummrah, former president General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf Sunday said that the government and military establishment would have to devise a joint strategy to combat terror. Talking to media at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, Musharraf said that Pakistan was in danger therefore getting stuck in minor and old issues would create further problems. Talking about Swat peace deal, he said that if the deal had been cut for ensuring speedy and cheap justice within Pakistans legal structure and system, then it was right and if the agreement had been made against the writ of the government and TNSM wanted to promote its agenda all over the country, then it was dangerous. Pervez Musharraf further said that Pakistans leadership must take the cognisance of the concerns expressed by the world community about security situation in the country but asserted simultaneously that nobody should dictate any course of action to Pakistan.Musharraf said that total 94 terrorists were killed in Lal Masjid operation and no women or children were harmed in the incident. He also said that those people who are playing up the Lal Masjid issue are enemies of the country. Only 94 persons were killed in Lal Masjid, which were all terrorists or extremists, the former president said. He said that the evil of speaking lies and hypocrisy needs to end and, We should focus on the dangers facing Pakistan, he said. He further said that Pakistan must devise its own line of action to steer the country out of the crisis being faced by it. And we have to be clear that nobody should dictate any course of action to us. We have to find our own line of action to save the country and let it move forward towards progress, he added. He said that the people should get cheap and instant justice. When asked about any possibility of action against him, he said, If any action is launched against me, I will respond to it at that time. Musharraf refused to speak when asked about the constitution of the UN Commission for probing the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Speaking on the issue of US aid and its conditionalities, Musharraf said, US aid for Pakistan to root out terrorism and extremism should not be conditional. He also urged the nation, especially the media, to focus on the current multiple challenges haunting Pakistan. He further said that no one could cast an evil eye against Pakistan, If we are united. The other countries of the world would have a chance to create instability in the country if differences among the nation continued to harm the country, he observed. He said that he was going to Saudi Arabia by a special plane provided by the King of Saudi Arabia, Shah Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. Besides performing Ummrah, I shall meet King of Saudi Arabia and then go to the UK by the same plane where I have to deliver lectures and give interviews, he added. Musharraf further said that he would also visit Europe and Czech Republic on his lecture circuit.