RAWALPINDI - Among other things, Sadar is known for its makeshift old books bazaar that has been a Sunday feature in twin cities for the past three decades. The old books bazaar is held every Sunday along the footpaths of the GPO Chowk. The book sellers have been catering to the needs of thousands of those book-lovers who have a meagre budget. Books on almost every topic, from childrens literature to grownups, are available on these roadside stalls. The book-sellers acquire books from different places, many publishers not able to sell old editions, sell them on cheaper prices to these pavement books traders who sell them further to the customers. Likewise the railway and other transportation authorities also auction the unclaimed books but its very rare, a seller informed. We also collect books by exchange; many readers buy books from here which they read and then we take two of their books and give them one book of their choice in return explained Arshad Ansari, an old book-seller. One is surprised to see the latest best sellers there. Amjad a graduate book seller buys these best sellers directly form the company and sells them at a lower profit margin than any other bookstore. The books are not available at as cheap prices in whole market, I share my profit with my customers Amjad added. Some of these book-sellers though they dont read these books yet they know everything about the authors and their anthologies due to their associations with the business. Those book-sellers even recommended books for reading and if they did not have what you wanted, they would know the one who had that specific volume. In early days this Sunday old-books bazaar also served as gathering place for intellectuals and writers. It was not an unusual thing to find your favourite writers or poets browsing through the catalogues of books in one of those shops or sitting on a rug in the mud, bargaining prices with footpath book sellers, told Hamid Ullah Jan, who has been selling old books in Sadar since 1979. Then he showed the autographs of some renowned intellectuals and writers. Pirated old books of Oxford and other famous publishers are also available on very cheap prices, being a journalist I want to remain updated about international issues so I buy Times, Newsweek and Economist one week back editions just for Rs 10 each from here, said Asif Anwar. Ishfaq Janjua, an advocate, giving the reason of buying old books said, Some books which are difficult to find in usual bookstores are easily available here because they are taken off the shelves by publishers due to little demand. A group of architecture students said that they were looking for journals and magazines on design and planning, which were very expensive at regular bookstores. According to Irshad Ansari, Buying books at good prices from different sources is a time-consuming task requiring business shrewdness and networking skills. During the week, we also deliver books to various individuals or other sellers within our business network. I am a student of MA literature and have to read a lot, however, I cannot afford to buy brand new books and novels all the time from market, so I regularly come here or visit all stalls, Mobin Hussain told The Nation. On one part the Sunday old books market is providing very healthy and good time consuming activity to the twin cities dwellers, while on other, the stall holders pay a hefty amount from their profit to the different authorities representatives including police as bribe as the stalls are not registered with any authority, confides Nasrullah a young book seller. However, the old book-trade in Rawalpindi needs greater organisation, perhaps the establishment of a proper old book market as on rainy Sundays the business activity comes to almost a standstill.