Pakistan needs to not only match the US efforts, but also ramp up its fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the country, Obama's Advisor David Axelrod said on Monday. Observing that President Barack Obama has rallied the world behind him on the issue of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Axelrod said a key feature of this new policy includes significant assistance to the Pakistanis. "But they have to meet us along the way and intensify their efforts in terms of dealing with this threat which is as threatening to them as it is to us," Mr. Axelrod told the CBS news in an interview. Mr. Axelrod said the US has been "in close communication" with the authorities in Pakistan about the concerns it has on the Swat agreement with the Taliban. "The Government there knows what our feeling is, and they need to really focus in on what is a threat to their own stability and what is a threat to the security of the world, and that is this growing hegemony of the Taliban and allies of al Qaeda," he said in response to a question.