LAHORE - Speakers at a special sitting organised by Nazria Pakistan Trust at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Sunday were of the view that people of Balochistan are equally patriotic and our rulers and politicians should go to Balochistan and try to solve their problems. Mir Naseer Mengal presided over while Syed Fasih Iqbal delivered a special lecture. Iqbal said if Balochistan would have been divided into two units, there would have been no unrest. No attention was given to its development. The common people in Balochistan are patriotic while those in the forefront have been brought forward by the agencies. Some 95 per cent Balochis are in the favour of Pakistan while Sweden, Norway, India, Israel are creating anarchy in Balochistan. These are countries that were involved in the kidnapping of John Solecki. They were also involved in the murder of Chinese engineers at Gwadar Port because they do not want Gwadar Port to be assisted by China with 40 million dollars. Bugtis murder was a big mistake of Musharraf, he said, adding our electronic media should play responsible role on Balochistan. Girls flogging in Swat was a conspiracy while there was no such incident. A road from Quetta to Ziarat and Quetta to Punjab should be built, he suggested. Naseer Mengal said we were trapped in regional prejudices and had neglected Pakistan. There is no concept of national security in Pakistan and every ruling party has sits own agenda and interests. He said we are Pakistani nationalists and we should be given employment and funds on the basis of land. He said people were being killed for naming Pakistan but the government was doing nothing. Vice Chairman NPT Dr Rafgique said that we would support the Baloch people and their rights. Mian Aziz-ul-Haq Qureshi and Shahid Rashid also addressed.