LAHORE - President PML-Q Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Sunday has said that those who are asking PML (Q) leadership to apologise for supporting dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf must seek apology from the nation themselves for their own misdeeds. The PML (N) leadership must seek pardon from the nation for telling lies while sitting even in the land of Holy Kaaba for 8 years, keeping the nation in darkness and leaving the PML in the lurch, as they left the country after signing a secret deal at the Attock Jail with 40 boxes. He went further saying, They must seek apology for appointing Gen Pervez Musharraf as Chief of the Army Staff by superseding three generals, for administering their federal ministers oath by then president Musharraf and for violating the election mandate by promoting horse-trading. Shujaat made these points while addressing a press conference at his local residence on Sunday. The PML (N) Quaid Nawaz Sharifs remarks that the Chas should apologise for their association with a dictator have created strong reaction within PML (Q) with war of words intensifying between the two sides. Responding to a query, Shujaat said he had opposed the Lal Masjid operation, which Pervez Musharraf himself admitted in his recent statement at US. He said the number of those killed during the operation was far more than being claimed by Musharraf now. Shujaat apprehended that some foreign forces were out to sabotage the Swat peace accord, saying, Now ANP government should ensure its early implementation. PML-Q President expressed his concern over prevailing situation in Balochistan and called for devising a new strategy to establish peace in the province. He warned if timely measures were not adopted, the separatist movement would strengthen further in Balochistan. He also rejected the passage of a National Assemblys resolution with Charter of Democracy as term of reference (ToR), adding that its ToR must have been the Constitution of Pakistan. Talking about the turncoats, Shujaat said the PML-Q Punjab, after legal consultations, would serve notices to the members of the forward bloc.