ISLAMABAD - Even under prevailing financial crunch, skilled labourers and workers find themselves at easy to cope with the bread and butter-related issues by making a handsome amount of earnings on daily basis. The car mechanics, electricians, barbers, plumbers, electricians of electrical appliances, technicians of light and heavy machinery, carpenters, welders and several others of the related lot, that form the skilled segment, do not seem to have been affected much with the prevailing downward trend in economy that has minimised earning opportunities and toughened the living conditions for commoners. Workshops of automobiles at G-7, G-8/4, F-10 Markaz, Khadda Market, Gawalmandi and numerous workshops in Rawalpindi as well as electronic markets in different localities of the twin cities that are famous for their different specialties, remain occupied with customers round-the-clock. The interesting aspect of skilled manpower hails from the disposition that majority of the skilled workers earns more than salaried class. An automobile mechanic, welder or a technician makes more money than several among those who own executive positions in private or public sector. Renowned automobile mechanic Mushtaq at Gawalmandi mentioned that he stepped into the trade some three decades ago. I was never interested in my studies and would remain busy in extra-curricular activities. When I was in grade 5, my father realised that it was useless to force me for studies, so he put me into a workshop, he recalled. Mushtaq said that he always had the deep fascination for motor vehicles so he learnt the art of car repairing with diligent interest. After a few years at workshop, I became an expert mechanic and started earning a lot, he added. He said now he earns around ten thousand rupees daily excluding all the expenditure. Mushtaq owns a workshop, a spare parts shop and has invested in some showrooms. Another mechanic Aftab, who earns three to five thousand daily, said he has no regrets for not acquiring education. God has been very kind. Though I spent my childhood in abject poverty, Im quite stable financially now. I earn much more than several educated people do. There are no regrets for not having acquired education, he observes. Muhammad Razzaq, an electrician of electrical appliances claimed he is an expert in repairing CD, DVD players, TV sets and other electrical devices. I started this work by repairing VCRs. Times changed and VCR became an outdated commodity so I learnt to repair CD and DVD players. It brings me quite an income. Razzaq charges Rs 100 to Rs 500 for repairing electronic items. Daily I repair around ten to fifteen electric appliances. I easily manage to make something like Rs 2000 daily, he added. TheNation also talked to other skilled people who expressed satisfaction with their work. However, majority of skilled labourers cited problems related to the lack of support to their respective professions by the government. Masses as well as mechanics at automobile workshops viewed that Pakistani mechanics and skilled manpower stands second to none. A little bit of consideration through proper funding and streamlining the technical industries could produce remarkable results for Pakistans economy. Pakistani skilled labour is preferred everywhere across the globe due to their remarkable abilities to achieve tough and laborious tasks. All we need is proper support from government to deliver maximum, they demand.